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Simon-Pierre Bestion

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Born in 1988, Simon-Pierre Bestion trained at the Conservatoire de Nantes where he won an organ award in the class of Michel Bourcier, as well as a prize for his musical training. At the same time, he studied the harpsichord in the Paris area with Laure Morabito and Frédéric Michel, and expanded his skills as a masterclass keyboard player with Jan-Willem Jansen, Francis Jacob, Benjamin Alard, Martin Gester and Aline Zylberach. He was a finalist in the 2006 Bethune international organ competition.

His taste for composition and contemporary music led him to discover vocal polyphony and the richness of choral work. He then trained as a choral director with Valérie Fayet, still at the Conservatoire de Nantes, and sang under her direction in the choir of the Orchestre National des Pays de la Loire. He then joined the class of Nicole Corti at the Conservatoire Supérieur de Lyon, and was deeply influenced by the precious advice of conductors such as Régine Théodoresco, Roland Hayrabédian, Geoffroy Jourdain, Joël Suhubiette, Dieter Kurz and Timo Nuoranne.

Throughout his training he was also strongly influenced by his encounters with Bruno Messina in ethnomusicology and musical culture, Claire Levacher in conducting, Dominique Moaty in singing, and Thomas Lacôte (harmony and composition).

His passion for early music and conducting led him to found the Europa Barocca chamber music ensemble with the viola da gambist Julie Dessaint, in 2007. He completed this instrumental phalanx with the creation of the Luce del Canto choir, a vocal ensemble composed of young semi-professional singers.

Building on their initial success, these two formations came together in 2015 and became the company La Tempête.