La Tempête fr
Larmes de Résurrection

Larmes de Résurrection

During the Thirty Years’ War, Europe was torn apart by the confrontation between Protestants and Catholics. Two Lutheran composers, Schütz and Schein, also friends and close collaborators, wrote these works – The History of the Resurrection for the first, and the Fountains of Israel for the second – with contrasting artistic approaches. These two great minds were none the less driven by a unique conviction, that of delivering a fraternal and spiritual message, thanks to their musical genius : one by immersing himself in the intensity of the narrative, the other by exploring the colour of emotions.

By completely rewriting the piece for an instrumental ensemble, and with the deliberate choice of a Byzantine singer in the role of the evangelist, I propose here an unprecedented re-reading filled with ardent mysticism. A recital with powerful, expressive and modern dramaturgy.

Simon-Pierre Bestion
Concept, arrangements and conductor

George Abdallah
Byzatine singer

Perrine Devillers

Fiona McGown

Sébastien Obrecht, Lisandro Nesis

Vincent Lièvre-Picard

Renaud Bres

14 instrumentistes
2 violins, 3 violas, double-bass, 3 sackbuts, 2 cornetts, theorbe, harpe, pipe organ

Heinrich SCHÜTZ
Resurrection of Christ, SWV 50

Johann Hermann SCHEIN
Fountains of Israel (extracts)