La Tempête fr


“Soul of Man, how you resemble water. Destiny of Man, how you resemble the wind.” Goethe’s spirit resonates in this musical program. Traveling across vast plains, the foggy highlands of the north and lonely clearings, these people run away from their destiny to get a better taste of life, and underneath the moonlight, their senses rise. This night will be a feast, rythmed by passionate dances. It will be the occasion to hear again some popular laments, to listen closely to these melancholic melodies, sung around a grand campfire. These men and women, they are gypsies on a perpetual journey. The sound of their instruments excite the trees. They are also the lovers who leave their beds to meet in wonderfully fragrant gardens, far from their homes and fates.

Simon-Pierre Bestion
Staging, arrangements and conductor 

Mariana Delgadillo-Espinoza
Musical assistant

Marianne Pelcerf et Simon-Pierre Bestion

Marianne Pelcerf
lightning design

Sarah Jamaleddine et Simon-Pierre Bestion

Florian Delattre
technical manager

Florian Aussedat
light manager

Savinien de Saint Riquier
stage manager

Amélie Raison (soprano) 
Helena Bregar (soprano and piano)
Lia Naviliat-Cuncic (soprano and transverse flute)
Gwenaëlle Chouquet (mezzo-soprano and violin) 
Myriam Jarmache (mezzo-soprano)
Hélène Richaud (mezzo-soprano and cello)
Mathilde Gatouillat (contralto)
Sylvain Manet (coutertenor and clarinets)
Marco Van Baaren (tenor and guitar)
Fabrice Foison (tenor and saxophone)
Édouard Monjanel-Bensaïd (tenor, violin and flute)
Matthieu Le Levreur (baritone and piano)
Benjamin Locher (baritone and horn)
Adrien Bâty (bass, clarinet and bassoon)
Arthur Cady (bass)
Martin Saccardy (trumpet and flugelhorn)
Jean-Baptiste Frugier (violin)
Satryo Yudomartono (viola)
Youen Cadiou (double bass)
Noé Clerc (accordion)

Franz Schubert (1797-1828)
Nachthelle, D.892, op.134

Franz Schubert
Coronach, D.836, op.52 n°4

Robert Schumann (1810-1856)
Anklänge, op.7 n°3

Romanian traditional song from the Fanfare Ciocarlia
Rumba tziganeasca 

traditional polish song 
Uwoz mamo roz 

Johannes Brahms (1833-1897)
Es tönt ein völler Harfenklang, op.17 n°1

Franz Schubert
Gesang der Geister über den Wassern, D.714, op.167

from the Haïdouti Orkestar
Dervishes dances

Johannes Brahms
Gesang aus Fingal, op.17 n°4

Klezmer traditionnal song from Naftule Brandwein
Firn di Mekhutonim aheym 

Robert Schumann
Mondnacht, op.39 n°5

Robert Schumann
Auf einer Burg, op.39 n°7

Romanian traditional song from the Fanfare Ciocarlia
Baro Biao

Robert Schumann
In der Fremde, op.39 n°1

Robert Schumann
Erste Begegnung, op.74 n°1 

Robert Schumann
Der Bleicheren Nachtlied, op.91 n°2

Robert Schumann
Tamburinschlägerin, op.69 n°1 

Johannes Brahms
He, Zigeuner, greife in die Saiten an, op.103 n°1

Romanian traditional song from the Fanfare Ciocarlia
Doina si cintec

Gustav Mahler(1860-1911)
Lieder eines Fahrenden Gesellen (extracts from n°1, 3 and 4),  arrangement by A. Schoenberg 

Romanian gypsy traditional song 
Kamnes, et Whistling Hora 

Johannes Brahms
Wechsellied zum Tanze, op.31 n°1

Robert Schumann
Zigeunerleben, op.29 n°3

Robert Schumann
Tief im Herzen trag’ ich Pein, op.138 n°2